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Mark Nadow

Mark and I started this project back in in the summer of 2015. It was towards the end of the night at the restaurant I was running at the time and in walks a blast from my past. Mark was always one of my favorite people when I was running the Ironside Grill in Charlestown. I was able to get to know he and his wife Michelle pretty well over the years and for a time we kept in touch after I had moved on.

When Mark told me about his plan to open a restaurant in Chelsea, my initial response was, ”Are you daft?! Why would we want to do this there?” Then we did a tour of the city looked at a few spaces and I was starting to see what Mark was trying to convince me of. Towards the end of the tour Mark says “I have one more space to show you, but I’m not sure if we can get it.” What can it hurt? “Let’s take a look” I say. We pull up to a building that I have driven past a thousand times without ever giving it a second glance. It was just an old bank, so I thought. Once inside it was obvious what the space had the potential to be. At the risk of sounding corny or scripted, you really could start to see the restaurant taking shape. Then we started to learn about the building’s origins, back when it was a fire house. It was then we started to learn how important this building was in helping to stave off two enormous fires, one in 1908, the other in 1973. Both destroying more than half the city, yet miraculously, this little fire house stood undamaged both times, with the 73’ fire basically ending on our property line.
Once we learned the history of this building we had to have it. It only seemed right to want to help bring this building back to a place that the entire community could enjoy, as at one time this building was a symbol of Chelsea’s resilience and willingness to bring it back from the dark times it had experienced for so long. Not to mention giving it more purpose than being some sterile bank.
We found a Chef, who was a local Chelsea Resident, met with the owners of the property to give them our pitch and, voilà! Here we are with Chelsea Station Restaurant Bar & Lounge. A unique casually elegant Modern American restaurant, where the focus is on fresh honest cuisine, fun & inventive cocktails, craft beer and eclectic, approachable wines from around the world.
We look forward to serving the Chelsea community for years to come.

-Mike, Lauren, Nate, & Mark

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About Mike SheridanChelsea Station-19

I started in the industry when I was about 22, I got a job as a doorman at The Rattlesnake Bar & Grill because my friend Paul worked there. No grand plan. No desire to be in the restaurant industry. For some reason, the owner; Gordon Wilcox, took a liking to me and made me a bartender, and then I caught the bug. I was hooked from that point on.

Throughout the years I worked in every aspect of the industry, from fine dining to simple neighborhood bistro, to working for the global service company Delaware North and the Boston Bruins.
Chelsea Station is my first venture into the field of ownership. We’re hoping to bring a quality dining experience to Chelsea where the focus is on fresh ingredients, quality food and drink, and the guest experience. We want the people of Chelsea to really think of this restaurant as their own. To have it be a place to relax with friends for a few drinks, a place where you would also go on a first date or think to take corporate clients.

Why I love Boston: “I love how Boston has evolved over the years. I love how multicultural & open the city has become. If you asked me to pick one thing I couldn’t, as there is so much about this city to love!”
Favorite Music: “It’s impossible to have there be just one, so in the spirit of High Fidelity (One the greatest movies of all time) Here’s my top five in no particular order. Iron Maiden – Van Halen – Rush – Queen – Dream Theater
Favorite Restaurant & why: “It would still have to be Silvertone. Josh Childs is still the best owner and person in the business that I have ever met, and I have five lifetimes worth of memories from there
Favorite Drink: “Bottle of Bud”

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About ShellyChelsea Station-11


Shelly was born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains.  She grew up working in the family gardens and helping in fields.  Shelly holds many wonderful memories of the farm life including snipping beans with her grandmother and tapping maple trees with her grandfather. 

After high school she spent time in the US Army where she enjoyed trying food from around the world.  Shelly’s love for food brought her to Johnson & Wales University where she received an associates degree in Culinary Arts.  After college Shelly worked as sous chef for several Boston restaurants including the Capital Grille, Smith & Wollensky, and Jurys Hotel.  When Shelly worked for Smith & Wollensky as chef de cuisine she fell in love with the administrative and management side of the restaurant business.

Favorite music:  Country Music

Favorite restaurant and why:  Ella’s Wood Burning Grille in Wareham, MA.  First time there the server was awesome and made us feel like family.  The drinks were great and the food was amazing.

Drink of choice: vodka w/any fresh juice.

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