Bar Menu


                   Meat and Cheese Board 16/21

                   Board Of Odin (AKA Food Of The Gods) 35/ 55


                Raw bar Items

                   Seafood Tower 55

                   Oysters w/ Champagne Mignonette 15

                   Clams w/ Lemon Tartar Sauce 13

                   Shrimp Cocktail w/ Cocktail Sauce 15

                   Lobster Cocktail w/ Lemon Aioli 21


                Bar Menu Selections


                   From the Sea Slider Trio 13

                  -Fried snapper with house made tartar

                  -Grilled tuna* with garlic aioli and roasted tomato

                  -Buffalo fried oyster with house made bleu cheese dressing


                   Lamb Sliders 13

                   Feta & herb stuffed lamb sliders with arugula & tomato


                   Chicken Liver 9

                   Sautéed chicken livers, onion & mushrooms in a brandy cream sauce, served over crostini


                   Black Bean Soup 7

                   Vegetarian black bean soup topped with tequila lime crema GF


                   Scotch Eggs 8

                   Panko & sausage crusted boiled egg, fried with red curry aioli


                   Mac & Cheese 10

                   Creamy five cheese mac & cheese topped with chili oil


                   Sriracha Honey Wings 12

                   With cilantro lime tequila infused sour cream


                   Chips & Dip 6

                   House made potato chips

                   Served with Loaded Vegetable hummus


                   Burger* 15

                   Our hand formed 10oz burger, roasted garlic aioli, topped with aged cheddar cheese, Bibb lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes,

                   avocado & peppered bacon, served with steak potatoes


                   Smokey Turkey Bacon Burger 13

                   Ground turkey blended with smoked bacon served on a toasted roll with herbed goat cheese,

                   Bibb lettuce & vine ripe tomato, served with steak potatoes