Original Cocktails

“Smoke On The Water” $16

Redemption rye, Antica Formula, grappa & madeira with a touch of smoke, garnished with lemon zest over a sphere of ice

“She Blinded Me With Science” $11

Johnnie Walker Black, Disaronno, Carpano Bianco & lemon zest over a sphere of ice

“Who Wants to Live Forever?” $11

Brockmans Gin, blackberry simple, mint, lime, blackberries, cherry bitters, topped with Cote Mas Rosé

“Blind In Texas” $11

Bulleit rye, St Germain, lemon & house brewed ice tea, garnished with fresh mint & lemon

“Uptown Girl” $12

Nolet’s Silver gin, raspberry simple, Lillet, mint, fresh lime

“Stand By Me” $12

Red Breast 12 Yr. Irish Whiskey, Combier Abricot, lemon, Merlet ctitrus, served straight up

“Careless Whisper” $10

Kleos mastiha spirit, tequila, lime, agave, lemon bitters, & a kiss of black pepper, garnished with lime on the rocks

“Downeaster Alexa” $12

Barrel aged Deacon Giles Friendship’s Bounty spiced rum, Becherovka, Canton ginger, simple, with fresh lime,

Angostura bitters, Peychaud bitters, with a splash of sprite on the rocks

“American Pie” $12

House infused apple spice Redemption Rye, Combier peche de vigne, cranberry & lime with dried apple

“Once Upon A Time In The West” $11

House infused maple thyme High West bourbon, Angostura bitters, simple, lemon twist, & thyme, over a sphere of ice

“Chocolate Jesus” $11

Bulleit bourbon, Nonino amaro, simple, chocolate bitters, chocolate drizzle, orange twist

“Day – O” $11

Banana infused Jameson Irish whiskey, , walnut liqueur, mint, lemon & black walnut bitters

“The Power Of Love” $11

Powers Gold Label Irish whiskey, Aperol, grapefruit, lemon, simple & raspberries, topped with soda

“Blaze Of Glory” $12

White peach infused New England Distillers “Gunpowder” rye, white pepper, simple, orange bitters, candied peach

“The Spy Who Loved Me” $12

Monkey 47 Gin, Becherovka, thyme simple, lemon, ruby red grapefruit, fresh thyme & lemon twist

Original Martinis

“Oh Mickey!” $14

Ketel Botanicals cucumber/ mint, basil simple, lime, celery bitters & rosemary 

“Pappa Don’t Preach” $14

Pappa’s Pilar 24 rum, Clement coconut rum, pineapple & grenadine

“Shallow” $14

Ketel Botanicals grapefruit/ rose, Combier rose liqueur, Carpano dry vermouth with fresh raspberries 

“Mama Mia” $12

Disaronno, vanilla infused New Amsterdam vodka, pineapple, with lime

“Long Tall Sally” $12

Raspberry infused New Amsterdam vodka, Canton ginger, raspberries, grapefruit, rosemary

Brunch Cocktails

“Funky Town” $11

Orange infused New Amsterdam vodka, Aperol, orange juice, on the rocks, topped with Prosecco

“Ghost Of A Chance” $10

“Ghost” ghost pepper tequila, red pepper flake, horseradish, “Chelsea Fire” hot sauce, tomato juice & jalapeno

“Kiss From A Rose” $11

Combier Rose liqueur, Sparkling wine, St. Germaine, lemon twist, blackberrie

“Peaches” $11

Ketel Botanicals peach/ orange blossom, Combier Peche, topped with prosecco garnished with dried peach & orange

“Mimosa Flight” $16

A rotating selection of flavors, please ask your server for today’s combination (Available for Brunch hours only)

(Please note that by ordering you are asking for a flight, with four very different flavors and all flight sales are final